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Goldline's Fiberlite Impact broom is the ultimate combination of high performance and ease of use available at an unbeatable price. Featuring a Fiberlite composite handle and Impact head, the Impact broom has been thoroughly tested to consistently maximize performance for carry, hold and carve.

The Impact Head's individually replaceable components reduce the overall cost of ownership and minimize your environmental impact. Each broom comes equipped with a highly durable Impact Rec Sleeve, and WCF Certified Impact Pro Sleeves are available for competitive play.

The broom's head features the same quick release hosel as all modern Goldline heads, which allows for quick and easy removal of the entire head from the handle for replacement or storage. Additionally, the pad assembly attaches to the head using two push-buttons, which ensures it remains securely in place during use while also making it easy to remove and replace components as needed.

Pre-assembled and fully equipped, the Fiberlite Impact broom includes a Fiberlite handle, an Impact Head, an Impact Foam, an Impact Pad Base and an Impact Rec Sleeve. Upgrade your game with the Fiberlite Impact broom from Goldline.

Fiberlite Impact Broom

    • Fiberlite Impact broom merges high performance and ease of use at an unrivaled price point.
    • After thorough on-ice testing by top curlers, we have proven that the Impact Head maximizes performance for carry, hold, and carve.
    • Individually replaceable components reduce overall cost of ownership and minimize environmental impact.
    • Each broom comes pre-assembled and equipped with everything needed to get on the ice.
    • Quick release hosel allows easy removal of the head for replacement or storage.
    • Certified to meet WCF Specifications when paired with an Impact Pro Sleeve (sold separately).
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