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We love the game of curling. Always have, always will. We’re directly affiliated with Tim’s Ice Manufacturing, and have leveraged their 50+ years of curling industry experience in building our company.


Our mission is to provide a friendly, honest and unique approach to serving curling clubs and their members of all abilities, and give back to the sport to ensure it thrives for years to come.

We're happy to provide the best curling equipment at the best prices to anyone: anytime, anywhere. But we do provide an additional value to the curling community.

It can be tough for curling clubs to stay open, and we want to help where we can. We offer an option to work directly with curling clubs to enable an additional revenue stream.


For curling clubs that partner with us, they receive a share of the profit from every Hack 2 House sale made to their members, whether website or in-store.

  • What the partnership enables for clubs that do not carry curling equipment (or limited quantities) is to receive a share of the revenue from every sale to their members.

  • For clubs that do carry curling equipment at the rink, they will still the ability to purchase products wholesale, and earn revenue as they always have.  But what the partnership does allow is an option for clubs to keep their inventory costs lower knowing their members have direct access to a full catalogue of products that will be sent directly to them while still earning revenue from sales to their members.

For curlers, it's an opportunity to support their club directly when you purchase equipment that might not be available at the rink.

For clubs, it's an opportunity to bring in additional revenue stream while keeping inventory costs down.

Contact us for more information, or talk to your club manager or board member about partnering with Hack 2 House to begin earning additional revenue.

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